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UK Muslim Marriage WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Groups for Singles Muslim Men and Woman in the UK (United Kingdom)
The purpose of this page is to help people who are struggling to find marriage partners where they can share their information and find potential partners through WhatsApp groups as a medium of convenience.
The intention is not for this page to host WhatsApp groups that facilitate dating but more an introduction of people seeking to be married under the supervision of a guardian.
With the ever growing number of Muslims in the UK (around 3,000,000+) im sure there are deeni Men and Woman that would like to be married but are not in the right social circles to find partners. If you are the admin of such a WhatsApp group and you moderate it with caution, then please post the link under this topic and use which ever tools you need to prevent unwanted members.
Considering the huge demographic i suggest you list your WhatsApp group information with a location, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford etc.
PS. If you want Barakah and contentment in your marriage, keep your Nikah and its entire proceedings in accordance to the Sunnah of Nabi SAW.
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